Check Out Pictures Of BigZulu That Got People Talking On Social Media. See What Mzansi Have Spotted

t’s good to be rich and living fancy life. The Inkabi record is living the proof that life without money Is nothing. The South African musician Big Zulu recently left people talking in social media after he posted a pictures of him where he was seen seating in a chair getting read to hit the road.

Big Zulu left people talking after mzansi noticed that a black man was seen in his pictures while he seated to relax. BigZulu was busy with a call while the boy was seen fixing and polishing Big Zulu shoe lays. BigZulu recently took it to his social media page where he revealed that he was off Durban.




Wit caption: “iThuna lendoda lisendlelen🙏🏿off to Durban (English translation; a grave of a man is on its way…off to Durban, off to Durban)

Mzansi could not help but to gush over the life of Inkabi record. BigZulu is one of the most famous musicians in mzansi. BigZulu is living his life and not a secrets everyone can see that he has money and a good life. BigZulu left people talking after they spotted a young man polishing his shoes. People have fallen in love with the design of his boots. People were not only get attracted by his boots but because he has a helper who is able to go all out with him in every event or gig. Big Zulu has a helper who is helping him with his shoes.

His fans and followers have been showing him their love. Many people went in numbers and fill his I box with sweet heartfelt messages.

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