Check Out Gorgeous Picture Of Connie Ferguson’s Mother

Mzansi Is Left speechless after reading heartbreaking message of The Queen actor Connie Ferguson. Mzansi were touch to see that it was Connie Ferguson’s mom birthday and many did not know.

With caption: “I just love this picture of you, taken 2001 on my wedding day. You were beaming with so much pride. You were 56 here. Today you would’ve been 77. Happy birthday in heaven my Queen. Keep looking out. Love you forever Moms.” She wrote.


After carefully reading her message, many fans thought that she was still alive but only to find out that she is late. Connie Ferguson has lost many people who were very close to her. To think that she have a beautiful mother who has the same look and smile as her it’s a blessing.

Connie have decided to put a picture of her mother which was taken when she got married to Shona Ferguson in 2001. It’s been many years but she still able to keep the picture in safe place. She said that in 2001 her mother was 56 and this year she would have been 77 years old. Her mother share the same smile as her. She was a beautiful just like her.

Remember that in 2001 it was a year which she got married to Shona Ferguson. Shona and Connie Ferguson were one of the best and power couple mzansi ever have. It’s sad that Hid decided to take her husband and she is left all alone. It’s been close to a years since Shona Ferguson passed away. She is still adjusting to live without her husband and her mother and others who have left her.