Check Out Dresses Of LaConco Which Recently Got People Talking In Social Media.

Mzansi Is Not Happy with Laconco at all. Her fans have now turned on her after the #RHOLagos premier launch yesterday in Johannesburg. The event was supposed to be all about #RHODurban showing off their beautiful design dresses bit it turned out to be doomed.People have been complaining in twitter saying that Laconco did not go all out to impress her fans. Laconco is known as Housewives who likes to Criticized and always attacking Thobile Mseleku in #RHODurban. But this time she got herself in the wrong spot with her fans.

One of her fans who were not happy with her dresss took it to twitter where she said that sje does not like her dress. She wears as if shes going to home affairs.




With caption: “Laconco is dressed like a minister of Environmental Affairs 🤣 ngathi she’s meeting her peers abo Naledi Pando kanje #RHODurban #RHOLagos” she wrote

Many celebrities were there including Thobile, Jojo, Annie, Londie London, Katlego Danke, Zikhona, Mpho WaBadimo, Lasizwe and many more celebrities. It’s pitty that the #RHODurban did not put an effort. The only person who impress mzansi and viewers of #RHODurban is Nonku Williams. She managed to score the hearts of many people not only on her side but everyone in the world.
Here are other comments:

@Fire Pam’s wrotes “My mom once told me to be careful, if I start mixing with older men and having sexual relationships with them, I am going to age quicker, and this is exhibit A. Madi a Zuma a mo tsofalitse!