Check out Connie Ferguson ‘s new look as she cut her hair

Connie ferguson is a well-known businesswoman,actress, tv producer and film maker who became popular in the early 1990s after getting the role of Karabo Moroka on Generations. She acted on the tv drama for over 15 years. Those who know Connie from the past will agree that she has been aging so well and hasn’t changed that much. This is because she is known for taking care of herself.

She’s also one of those celebrities who loves and prioritize exercising. She lives a healthy lifestyle, which I believe is one of the main reasons she still looks like a 30-something even at 52. Connie also likes to look good, which means she dresses well, puts on a little bit of makeup, and do nice hairstyles. She always go for different looks and yesterday she shared a video cutting her hair at a salon. However she didn’t remove all of it she just trimmed it and left it as a bob cut.





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