Check Out Beautiful Pictures Of Phumlani & Onthatile’s Wedding From #Gomora.

Mzansi were left in tears after witnessing the Wedding photographs of Phumlani and Onthatile from Gomora. Mzansi were left off gut after Melusi almost destroyed their wedding. Many Gomora followers were so sure that Onthatile and Phumlani will never be married and that they will call it off.


Melusi is aware who is behind his leg injury just that he does not have a proof. Judging by how his turning it seems like he grow up in a gangster environment and now there’s 90 percent odds that he might go back to his old ways.






Onthatile role is now performed by Katlego Dankie. Many knows her since far back in Generations. When it comes to acting it’s as she were born from the entertainment industry. She is the most attractive woman in Gomora and everyone can testify this without asking too much questions. Seeing strolling down there it’s remind us about her Wedding in Generations. One thing we can say her is that she is constantly nailing her character.

This were her grandest wedding in Gomora. She had ro rest for 2 to 3 days for this shot. She shared it to her Instagram page where she tells how hard she had to perfect this role at the wedding.

With caption: “The tale was told….what a fantastic session we had. It was necessary to rest for two or three days following the shoot in order to reset, but it was tremendously rewarding to see all of the hard work of the entire Gomora crew come together so wonderfully on screen. I am grateful to be able to accomplish what I enjoy. #Thanksgiving #Gomora “.