Check Out Alluring Photos Of Yolanda Mvelase, She Is The Wife Of Mzansi Rapper Kwesta

Yolanda Vanessa Mvelase is the woman who managed to get away with Kwesta’s rib, giving birth to his daughter and accepting his marriage proposal in the process. Several credible sources have described her as a strong woman who has been by the rapper’s side through thick and thin in their relationship life and now in their marriage for several years now. Because she does not raise as much controversy as other women who date well-known rappers of Kwesta’s quality, there is less information available about her personal life and career. Yolanda, the wife of Kwesta, prefers to maintain a low profile, despite her model appearance and expressive face.





The full name of Yolanda’s rapper spouse, Kwesta, is Senzo Mfundo Vilakazi, and he was born in Zimbabwe. He was born in the South African country of South Africa. Kwesta is the owner of his own independent media company, and he is now signed to his own production company. After releasing his debut studio album in September 2010, he has since followed it up with two more albums, bringing his total to four.

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Yolanda met the great rapper before he became famous, and even though he has crossed international borders in his artistic career, she still loves him and has faith in his abilities. Kwesta has also maintained his commitment to his wife despite his professional achievement and the demanding nature of his employment. Before anyone knew they were planning to get married, the pair went ahead and got identical ring-finger tattoos on their right hands. Photo Credit: Yolanda Mvelase Instagram Page