Check out 4 pictures of Faith Nketsi showing of her baby bump.

Although some claim she had changed alot during her pregnancy, faith is still the beauty she once was.

Mapholoso Religion Nketsi Njilo is a media personality, socialite, model, and influencer from South Africa. She is well recognized for being a part of the “Pro-Twerkers,” a dancing crew.

Reality TV actress Faith Njilo, née Nketsi, announced today on her Instagram account that she is expecting a child with her spouse Nzuzo Njilo. This came about after her pregnancy was revealed by gossip blogger Musa Khawula, just before the fourth season of her reality TV program Have Faith.

This comes after the artist disproved rumors that she was expecting back in April by posting a video of herself as proof on her Instagram story and pleading with fans to cease the rumors.

The celebrity said in the footage that she is not pregnant and urged everyone to put an end to the rumors. She admitted that she had put on a little weight but claimed she had no immediate plans to become pregnant.

After keeping her pregnancy a secret, Nketsi, who recently wed businessman Nzuzo Njilo of KwaZulu-Natal, took to Instagram to show photos of her growing baby bulge.






In addition to sharing a little video of her child, the Have Faith actress said that the last nine months had been nothing short of fantastic. She continued by saying she was eager to tell her fans and followers about her trip.

Faith states that “during the first trimester, she had no idea that she was pregnant.”

She claims that keeping it a secret was crucial for both her and her husband’s baby’s safety.

According to Faith, “I felt I was protecting our baby by doing so, and I would do it the exact same way if I had a do-over.”

Faith disclosed that she had a miscarriage in season two of her reality program; at the time, she had cheated on her then-boyfriend and been pregnant.

Faith Nketsi and her husband Nzuzu Njilo were united in marriage in April of this year during a private ceremony attended by their loved ones.

Check out this four pictures were she was showing her baby bump.