Chats between Heavy K And Black Coffee Leaked as Heavy K Lashes Out On Mzansi

South Africans reacted negatively to Black Coffee’s 12-track masterwork Subconsciously due to his musical shift. A lot of people say he strayed away from his African origins to appeal to a larger audience.

Heavy K was one of those who like the classic Black Coffee. In fact, MacG openly lied on Heavy when he stated that The Drumboss called the CD “pap.” It went well, MacG said on Monday’s program. Also, because he recalls everything stated about him on the show, he says Black Coffee listens to it.

He recalls everything we’ve said about him on the program.

In another interview with Heavy K on Podcast And Chill, MacG claimed, “Heavy K even said the record Black Coffee won a Grammy for was crap,” referring to MacG’s memory of the Heavy K conversation.

Heavy K was enraged and produced interview receipts to justify his position. Heavy K mentioned in the interview: “One of my inspirations is the Black Coffee. I can vouch for the new Coffee as a grootmann. He’s always calculating. He’s gone places I haven’t. His eyes may have opened, but that old sound will never leave my ears.”

After MacG misquoted him, Heavy raged and claimed he will not accept lies about him. No one may use my name or portray me as someone I am not.






In his following video, he challenged viewers to spot any bad remarks about coffee.

Not content with that, Heavy provided Coffee proof that he didn’t say anything nasty about him in his DMs. Coffee stated he would have challenged Heavy K personally if he had spoken to MacG about his views on marijuana.

“The same thing happened when we talked to MacG. I would have inquired if you had said something that made me uncomfortable.”

Consciously aware of the unfavorable reactions to his Grammy-winning record, Black Coffee A song he performed with worldwide DJ David Guetta called Drive made him famous globally, he said on Ukhozi FM last year.

Heavy K chats with Black Coffee below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

β€œOne of my biggest tunes was Drive with David Guetta, we worked hard on that song. His large following helped it succeed. Although I am known as a Deep House musician, I have just recorded a song with Black Coffee and received mixed reviews. So I had to lead and not explain too much. It was an opportunity to showcase my versatility,” he said.

According to him, he has to be versatile to incorporate worldwide listeners in his songs. The CD will be produced by a group of professionals I work with abroad. My first record that allowed me to collaborate with foreign musicians. Here in town, we have so many bright and promising artists.