Chairman Andile Mpisane gets his back covered with a lion tattoo.

As people we like different things and we shouldn’t try to make other people feel somehow because of their choices. If we all had the same personality then life wouldn’t be so much fun and interesting. Some decisions that make need us to be sure and clear minded.

Andile Mpisane is the famous son of businesswoman Shawn Mkhize who is known as Mamkhize. He is a football player, chairman and rapper. One of the youngest chairman in the Premier Soccer League. Shawn makes sure to support her son with everything he needs. She saw how much he loves soccer and now he has one of the biggest clubs named after him, Royal Andile Mpisane.





The rapper is a lover of tattoos. He added another one to his collection. He got a back one instead. The tattoo covers his entire back. It is a lion one and it is roaring. A lion does signify power as it is the king of the jungle.