Celia Kunutu Is Left Speechless After Eunice Said This To Her In #SkeemSaam

Not a long ago we thought Eunice was a cool and boring character. But now she’s the whole show. The way in which Eunice is spending the money and behaving, she is going to crash badly and next will be facing Lehasa. She is changing wigs left right and center. we are just waiting for her downfall. This Pax and Mahlatse situation reminds me of Clement, Koloi and Noah. They started off as enemies and then became friends.




Eunice didn’t hesitate to replace Mr Kgomo s the assets for the house. Shame all that money she be using without thinking twice. She will regret it when she finds herself on I#IBlewit all very soon. She did not hesitate to replace Celia too. Her daughter was fond of blessers,Celia will eventually assume now that every young girl who’s loaded with money, is getting it from a blesser.

I just loved how she responded Obed yesterday at work when she said “don’t take your family matters and bring them at work”. Viewers love how she put Mr Kgomo in his place yesterday. She might be careless with money and playing with her job but i almost hugged my Tv when she said those things to him.

Viewers love #SkeemSaam it shows how people like Eunice don’t have a single idea how to use money wisely especially money you didn’t work hard for the reality we live in right now. #SkeemSaam viewers can’t wait to see Mr kgomo reaction when Eunice give him those broken glasses, cup, etc with extras and money on top.