Celia Kunutu From #SkeekSaam Got Herself In Trouble After She Did This In #SkeemSaam

Celia Kunutu From #SkeekSaam Got Herself In Trouble After She Did This In #SkeemSaam

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Mr Kgomo is here to collect from Celia Kunutu. You know that words, hands wash each other. Mr Kgomo is one of the most ruthless, arrogant and hard to work with person if we were to describe him. Mr kgomo went from being cast supporter to main thing. The main characters are now all recessive. Mr Kgomo has been the owner of Turf Hospital for years now, and were here again to know his character. Only one person can deal with Mr Kgomo and that person is Eunice.



Celia has find herself trending again. At first it was when she tried to kill Alfios at the hospital. Celia finds herself in a difficult position with Mr. Kgomo and this time she cannot hide anymore as he is after the favor that she own him. Many people has been thinking that Mr Kgomo want to sleep with Celia or she have already,when we see her thinking about the past. She has agreed to do anything to Mr Kgomo. Many viewers think that Mr Kgomo is really trying to hit Celia

Many people are now wondering what is it that Celia have that belongs to Mr Kgomo. Those who still remember the accident of Alfred and Alfios and how Alfios end up at Turf Hospital. Celia own Mr Kgomo a fav and his now here to collect it. Mr Kgomo caught Celia red handed trying to kill Alfios. He didn’t report her and now she owes him. It’s so happy to know that Mr Kgomo knows about karma because he is also coming for him. Celia made the biggest mistakes of her life after. She agreed to do anything to him as long as he does not report her to the police.

Mr kgomo is impossible but hey Celia deserves this, she’s also heartless sometimes. Mr. Kgomo will blackmail Celia into letting Mahlatse take the fall for everything Paxton did. Mr Kgomo is arrogance personified. Anything about him is possible. Mr Kgomo is the kind of boss that comes to your house if uou are not at work.