Celebrity couple Dj Zinhle and Murdah Bongz have secretly got married.


“South Africans “were shocked to learn that” DJ Zinhle “and” Murdah Bongz “had wed in secret. These came out few days ago after” Dj Zinhle “announced that it’s been few months since she’s been officially married to “Dj Murray Bongz”. She continued and said that her husband and baby daddy decided that they should keep it as a secret.


The mother-of-home “two’s “was the scene of “lobola” conversations in the first episode of her reality series’ second season, which aired on “BET Africa”. That’s where everything came out in open in the public, and left “mzansi “people in awe as they were still expecting the wedding as they did not announce the details after “lobola”.

According to “Jiyane” on ‘The Unexpected’, “Murdah “prefers to be addressed as a spouse rather than a “boyfriend”.

According to “Zinhle”,” Murdah’s “than a “boyfriend”. And you only get called that when you have engaged or paid “lobola” in full.

“Dj Zinhle “wants her husband to be at her service. He no longer accepts the title “boyfriend.” There have been many changes since you last saw me “She added. She concluded by saying she now calls him her husband as fits.