Celebrities who gave birth to the most handsome baby boys – OPINION

Khumalo Kelly

The singer’s gorgeous son is also quite dashing. Although I see resemblances to both parents in the youngster, I can’t help but think that his father’s influence is more apparent. Kelly’s son and Jub Jub are actually identical twins. I think it would be best for this young man if his parents could put the past behind them and learn to get along.

The Late Tonto Dikeh

The Nollywood star is the mother and father to her adorable boy. The boy’s father wasn’t there, but she didn’t want him to find out. She demonstrated this by attending a Father’s Day celebration at her kid’s school while dressed as a male.

Ta Savage

The singer and her ex-husband share custody of a lovely youngster. Endorsement deals show that the little guy is astute as well. A well-spoken, outgoing kid is the only way to ensure he gets all that. In my opinion, Jamil, Tiwa’s son, has a bright future ahead of him because of his personality.












People were taken aback when they learned who the rapper’s mother was. Drake and his son Adonis have a tight relationship. I believe that the fact that Adonis resembles his mother just increases Drake’s adoration for him. In some cases, Drake will accompany him on his travels, such as to a basketball game or an awards ceremony. Drake also has a strong relationship with his parents.


The troublemaking dancer is a mother to a small son. Zodwa and her son get along great because he is aware of her profession and does not look down on her for it. As you can see in the photo above, the young man gets along well with Zodwa’s lover, the mother’s current partner.