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Gabisile ‘Baby Cele’ salary at Uzalo Ieaked

Not so long ago, Uzalo firebrand Baby Cele who played the might Gabisile, bowed out of Uzalo. However, she made a shocking return in August.

She is currently making all sorts of headlines with her storyline, which sees her in a relationship with Nkunzi. A few months ago, she made all sorts of headlines when she was axed from Uzalo alongside her on-screen husband Siyabonga Shibe, who played Qhabanga.

Salaries: Gabisile 'Baby Cele' salary at Uzalo leaked
Gabisile ‘Baby Cele’ from Uzalo (Source Savannanews)

However, rumour had it that the on-screen power couple called it quits after a fallout with the showrunners. Other sources claimed that several actors called it quits after Uzalo was marred with salary woes. Her exit saw marked the mass exodus of seasoned actors, the likes of Dawn Thandeka King.

Upon her exit, the star actress did hint that she was returning but will all thought it was a lie. How come did she survive the strangling to make matters worse? How did she survive in the river where his estranged husband tossed to her.

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Mzansi Celebrities who look older than their actual Age

When it comes into age many people especially women face some issues because others grow older than their actual while others grow slow.As a result some people being bullied because of their age that the reason women don’t want to share their age because of that.On this article I will list celebrities who look older than their age.

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