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Amazing French braided hairstyle 2019

The French braided hairstyle is a look that’s here to stay. With these 50 variations on the classic theme, you’re sure to find the perfect look for you. There are styles for medium hair, long hair, straight hair and curly hair. You can find a look for any mood, from restrained and classy to wild and crazy. Many of these braided hairstyles also show off the trendy, hot color combinations that are popular in the hair world today. You’ll be able to find just the right look for your chosen mood and for your hair type. Try a contemporary French braid and transform your hair with a new style.

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Hot Pastel Pink Hairstyle trend 2019

Of all the bright hair colors that have gotten trendy in the past few years, nothing has the staying power for the versatility of pastel pink hair. It is flattering to most skin tones, looks fabulous with blonde or brunette hair, and it’s one of those shades that’s less “in your face” than, say blue so it is a little easier to pull off. It’s also one of those shades that works well for every style. Classic, preppy, punk rock, goth, grunge, urban chic, the list goes on! Whether you’re a bright hair color veteran or virgin, pink tresses are definitely having a moment in 2019 and it is an awesome time for you to try the trend.


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Hottest Honey Blonde Hair Colors 2019

Honey blonde hair tones give the perfect balance to women with blonde and brown hair seeking a subtle upgrade to their natural hair color without going overboard or making a drastic change. Slather the honey hues on as thick as you like, or just use them as a minimal highlighting option.
A honey blonde can look as tasty and sweet as its name suggests. Brighten up and revitalize boring and dingy mousey browns by incorporating one of these striking and dynamic honey blonde hair colors. If you’re not sure which way to go, ask your salon professional at your next hair appointment.

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Braid Hairstyles for Black Women for 2019

Also, the African women can opt for wearing the box braid and kinky twist hairdos, which are from the traditional styles too. Concerning the first ones, you need to know that they are obtained by braiding 3 or 4 hair strands in a way that creates the shape of a box. On the other hand, concerning the kinky twists, they’re done by weaving two parts of the hair together into tight spirals. You have to know that both of these ‘dos can last for weeks if, and only if, they’re maintained properly. In addition to all of the last mentioned spectacular and fashionable, traditional hairstyles, the black bombshells can opt for wearing the other styles of braids such as; the fishtail and French ones. What can prevent them? Actually nothing!

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Best cornrow rasta styles in 2019

Cornrow rasta hairstyles, also known as simple braids, monitor braids or flat braids, are the simplest form of braids that are plaited to lay flat on the head. Conrow Rasta Hairstyles can be traced back to the ancient Africa where many women both young and old were accustomed to having their hair braided close to their head scalp to create a series of rows running from the neck to the forehead. ReadRasta Hairstyles reputation stems from its iconic look which is complex, detailed as well as beautiful in its own self. Moreover, Cornrow Rasta Hairstyles are also preferred over other styles due to their easy maintenance which can be easily retained to their former style through careful washing and oiling of the scalp. Read

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Braids Hairstyles Pictures Gallery 2019

ifferent countries and their signature styles you will be in awe. The older generations were more innovative coming up with hairstyles that are unique. Some of the traditional hairstyles that will mesmerize you are those of the Himba in Namibia, Fulani, and Wodaobe in West Africa, Ochre in Ethiopia, Masaai in East Africa and the Shona in South Africa. Nevertheless, it seems that the older generations are not the only ones with the creative genes. Read braids hairstyles is never out of fashion. You can either use short or long braids to create this look. The hairstyle is easy to maintain, neat and you can style it multiple ways just like with kinky braids
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African Ponytail hairstyles pictures 2019

My dear black women, gather here right now! Why? As today’s topic is definitely for you, only you and nobody else! Okay, what’s it going to be all about? Our topic is going to be all about ponytails. Yippee! We’re going to discuss them from different perspectives starting from their styles, and who can and can’t wear them, to many other things. Briefly, I’m going to take you on a virtual tour! Let’s begin it together, my precious readers, starting with revealing who can and can’t wear the ponytail hairdos. Generally speaking, all the African American women whose hair is either long or quite medium can opt for any style of them. What about those whose hair is short? I know that some of you would say that these women can’t sport the ponys at all, right? Let me tell you that you’re definitely wrong and that there’s a magical solution in front of these ladies. To know what this solution

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African braids hairstyles for black women 2019

Hair is a gift that all women treasure, and with it comes the pressure to keep it in pristine condition. The booming beauty sector is a sign that grooming goes beyond the need to look good, but is a necessity that can’t be easily foregone. Thanks to the new braids in the market, there are no more excuses for failing to get a new look with your hairstyle. The numerous African hairstyles ideas are enough to revamp your complete lookout. So, without further ado, let’s look at the various styling options we have for your hair

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