Cassper responds to backlash regarding performing “Monate mpolaye” at Dj Sumbody’s funeral

“They could’ve just played the song, Cassper makes everything about him” wrote a tweep. Cassper Nyovest is unfortunately one of most unliked rapper on Tweeter, everything he does is always questioned and criticized.

Cassper Nyovest performed “Monate Mpolaye” at Dj Sumbody’s funeral, and unfortunately some people thought that was inappropriate. People have performed in funerals before, but now that it was Cassper who did it, he is dragged for it. The rapper responded to the tweet that they were actually asked by the family to perform the song as a tribute at the memorial and funeral.




He further explained that he agreed out of respect for the family, so people should leave him alone. If there’s one thing about Cassper is that he knows how to speak up for himself and refuse to be bullied on social media.

Here are some of the comments on Twitter regarding the performance.

” Why am I finding this cringeworthy. Surely there’s a other way to celebrate his life. Monate Mpolaye ko lesong …”

“This is so unnecessary but okay monate mpolaye”

“To be relevant with the world has taken away our respective,values,and immorality,maybe I don’t know buh please remind me of things I don’t know about our cultures when it comes to funerals. You can’t have people celebrating at the funeral”

“Casper is not okay man I think his trying but his not this guy’s heart is broken”

“Naahh i know we like to criticize cassper but I know Dj Sumbody is smiling right now”

May his soul rest in eternal peace….

Source: Twitter