Cassper offers Slik Talk 100K to fight him in a boxing match


Cassper Nyovest has offered Youtuber Slik Talk 100k to fight in a boxing match.

This is coming after Slik mentioned that The Braai Show With Cass was the most terrible show he has ever come across in his entire life.

He also slammed the star criticizing him of lacking emotional maturity, and Mufasa was plainly offended

Cassper eventually replied after being mercilessly trolled, which was likely anticipated.

The rapper said that he would no longer react to critics in a series of twitter threads.

The rapper stated that he would like to settle things the old-fashioned way, by betting K100 on a boxing battle with the talky Youtuber.

“I would love to see Slik Talk in person doe, preferably in the ring. Tell him I Got 100k for him, Cash, win or lose. All he has to do is survive three rounds, 3 mins with me. He got balls to talk on camera let’s see if he will man up and come get this money. Offer stands till Jan,” Cass tweeted.

Nonetheless, this offer only stand if Slik Talk stops ill-talking Cassper.

“Another thing, if he shoots another video talking smack about my generous offer, the deal is also off. This will be my last reply. Meet me in the ring, survive three rounds and get your 100k. You get the clout you’ve always wanted, and you get to meet your idol Cassper Nyovest.”