Cassper Nyovest confronts AKA for performing Composure in front of him at the club

Cassper felt disrespected and did not like it

AKA and cassper were booked at the same event last night to perform for the fans. While AKA was performing, Cassper was in the audience as well. AKA performed a few of his songs and the diss track to Cassper called Composure.



Fans were singing along with AKA while Cassper was watching at the back. After AKA performance, Cassper went to face AKA about why he performed Composure in front of him and he felt disrespected. The guards were on the site to stop everyone from taking the videos.

Cassper could not face AKA alone, he came with his guards. Cassper said that he is not afraid of AKA but he couldn’t face him alone. This proves that Cassper is not confidently enough to face AKA alone in a boxing match. Everyone loves Composure and Cassper needs to accept it.