Cassper gets dragged after AKA reveals he owns the Braai show

Cassper Nyovest took over as the Braai Show’s second host after AKA was unable to appear in the second season. AKA went to the media to claim that he is the creator of the show and that the SABC did not inform him that it was being brought after him. Cassper Nyovest became the host of the show. That is when AKA decided to take the legal route to rightfully claim what he owns and now the court has ruled in his favor. He owns 50% of the show.

hen Cassper was the host, he tweeted that he did not work for a young boy. After AKA shared the news on social media, Twitter started dragging Cassper that he had been working for AKA and he did not listen as AKA made the announcement of ownership. He was quiet on social media this time around and he was working for him as much as he was against him.

Cassper could just go to social media and say, “He thought AKA did own the show and he was working for him and it would have been trending on social media.” Twitter is drooling over him because he denied it. At this moment, pride would not give him a satisfaction and AKA was not dragging Cassper.


He was simply stating that he owns the intellectual property rights to the show, which Nyovest misinterpreted. It was an embarrassing moment for him and there was nothing wrong working for AKA. Cassper himself is working for Drip and Sumsang. But when it came to his musical rival, he refused to admit what he was told was working for AKA.

It looks like Cassper Nyovest and AKA are not getting along anytime soon and it does not do any good. People on social media have been having an argument about it. Others are in favor of Cassper, while others are against him. It was a great time for them both to be on the show and when it came to the viewership, AKA was seen as doing better than Cassper. When you have a low viewership, you usually can’t continue and they find someone else to host the show.