Cassper explains why he performed ‘Monate Mpolaye’ at funeral.

South Africa’s top singer and businessman Cassper Nyovest, received a lot of criticism from a lot of people after he performed the hit song ‘Monate Mpolaye’ at the funeral of his friend and business partner, Dj Sumbody on Saturday, at Ga-Masemola, Apel Cross in Limpopo.

During the funeral service, the musician was seen performing the song, which did not sit well with some people. ‘Monate Mpolaye’ in a lose translation means that, “fun or enjoyment must kill me”. To some people, singing this song at Dj Sumbody’s funeral was controversial, especially looking at how he lost his precious life.




However, Cassper has cleared the air, and responded to the criticism, some of which might be coming from his haters, who will never appreciate anything he does.

According to what Cassper said, the family of the late Dj Sumbody, requested them to perform the song, which he is now being criticised for doing. Dj Sumbody was involved in the production of the song and it is one of the songs that will bring us his memories.

“The family asked us to perform the song as a tribute at the memorial and the funeral. I agreed out of respect for the family, but yeah ‘Cassper makes everything about him.’ Leave me alone man.” Cassper responded.

This was after Nkululeko Mayisa said that, they should have just played the song, apparently because he thinks that Cassper makes everything about himself. But then, what is the difference between playing it, and Cassper Nyovest performing it, because his voice is there?

Cassper has faced a lot of criticism since the death of Dj Sumbody was announced last week Sunday. People have not been fair to him. The musician lost his best friend in a terrible way, and was doing all he can to pay tribute to him. It is disappointing that people still say that he makes everything about himself.