Casper’s Words After Patrick Shai’s Video Raise Suspicions

When someone is close to die, according to African tradition, they do the most unexpected things. Some simply start bothering people, and others begin to act in such a way that people begin to question their sanity. All of this, according to the elders, is a portent of impending death. It’s an indication that your ancestors are trying to reach out to you.

A few days ago, a viral video of a well-known actor, Patrick Shai, doing something very unexpected went viral. If you ask around, Patrick Shai is known for being a humble man who is always respectful and makes jokes, but what he said in the video startled a lot of people.

Some speculated that he was having a nervous breakdown because what he was saying was so out of character for him. In the video, he tells Casper Nyovest that he wants to beat him up before he dies, so that when he dies, his thumb stone will read, “This is the man who gave Casper a nasty thrashing.” It has to be written on his thumb stone, he insisted. He went on to say some derogatory things.


Casper Nyovest was both enraged and moved by this, primarily due to the profane language, which implicated his mother.He tweeted that he had had enough of people disrespecting his family and that he can no longer tolerate it. He wrapped up by adding, “It’s all going to be a disaster for you. Only God knows for sure.”

Only a few days after Casper’s response to Patrick Shai, it was revealed that Patrick had hanged himself in his garage. Many people were taken aback by his death, since no one had expected him to be capable of such a thing. Many individuals have speculated on what might have caused his death in the aftermath of his demise.

People are now blaming Casper Nyovest for Patrick Shai’s death, citing his social media posts after Shai cursed at him. He claimed he was tired and that people who insulted his family were in for a bad time. Some speculated that Casper had threatened Mr. Shai and that this was why he killed himself. There have been numerous nasty remarks and speculations that Casper may have threatened Mr. Patrick Shai in some way.



People are battling various demons. I broke the news that Patrick Shai was having a nervous breakdown. That’s why, only days before his death, he was acting erratically. It was just unfortunate that Casper Nyovest was the one who was held responsible. Coincidences definitely happen, and I feel that this narrative contains one.