Carol Tshabalala revealed the man who will marry her soon (see pics)

Mzansi and the PSL football fraternity in general have been reveling in the news that Carol Tshabalala, the leading lady of sports broadcasting, is engaged and soon to be married.

Who the lucky man is who will get to take her home is the biggest mystery that everyone wants to solve. She has been concealing his identity from the world, perhaps because she does not wish to reveal every detail of her life, which is completely acceptable.

People suspected that the man who proposed to her was Liverpool star Sadio Mane, likely because the two are quite close and appear to display a great deal of affection towards one another in the majority of her photos.

People may now rest easy and cross Sadio Mane off the list, as the man Tshabalala is engaged to marry is not the Africa Cup of Nations champion, as evidenced by the fact that she uploaded an Instagram photo of her fiance.






She covered the man’s identity with an emoji, leaving followers with more questions than answers as to who “The Diamond Guy” is. How fortunate he is to obtain Carroll.

Carrol has been unmarried for some time since her disastrous marriage to Solomon Manana, whom she married when she was only 19 years old; accusations of violence were the primary cause of their divorce.

Best wishes for Carol and her fiance’s upcoming marriage.

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