Carol Tshabalala is enjoying her time in Qatar 2022 world cup and food

Carol Tshabalala had been in Qatar, and she will be for the entire duration of the world cup. She had been meeting a lot of football stars and other sports presenters. It is a truly good moment to enjoy while she is on duty. Her work is one of those that you will see as amazing when it comes to those moments. She started with SABC and then moved to another media company that is giving her the light to explore the world of football.



Amo Botake said, “You are working very nice while some of us are carrying heavy things (cement) and still being underpaid.” That was really a hard comment to make, and he is one of many people who want to live a better life like other people. The other way for him to get a better life is to do something better and different.

“Carol has been on the screen ever.” Carol has been on the screen ever since, and she has had her own transformation over the years while being a sports presenter. She is most passionate about soccer, as evidenced by her social media timeline, where she spends the majority of her time posting about it. If soccer has taken its off season, she was traveling and posting about anything that is still in sports.

Since she went international, that means great exposure for her, and she could see herself doing what she does as a sports presenter in a different country. It is something that would be recorded as the first South African woman to move to even Europe. She also had an interview with Mamelodi Sundowns’ coach, Rulani Mokwena. She is still in the Qatari desert, which means more memorable experiences for her.

She is sharing them to get followers. She met the legendary David Villa, who was part of the Spanish team that won the World Cup. She got to sit with them and have a chat. Surely she is asking more than is being televised, because at that moment she would not get it again. It was like when MacG and Solphenduka had Robert Hersov, who is a billionaire, on that podcast.