Carol enjoyed disrespecting Thobakgale, she even gossiped about her with Rosina

Carol was not happy about Thobakgale’s return to the school. She told herself that she will not respect her and she indeed didn’t.

During lunch, Carol told Thobakgale not to sit on Evelyn’s chair. When she moved to another chair, Carol told her that it was Sthoko’s chair.



Thobakgale stood up and told Carol that the chairs did not have names, little did she know that she provoked her. Carol also stood up and told her that there were rules in the stuff room and everyone has to follow them. She continued to tell her that everyone had their own things and that there were boundaries. Thobakgale just kept quiet, she took her things and left. Carol and Rosinah were busy talking bad things about Thobakgale behind her back. They said that she did not know how to be a teacher because she is used to being a principal. They continued by saying that she needed a man to keep her busy.