Buthelezi death caused by King Misuzulu

The Princess was speaking to other members of the AmaZulu royal family, who had arrived at kwaPhindangene to pay their respects to the Buthelezi family.

The Traditional Prime Minister, passed away on Saturday morning, just two weeks after his 95th birthday which he spent in hospital. Buthelezi had a prolonged stay at a private hospital in Durban following complications from a procedure to alleviate back pain.



According to the SABC, the Princess revealed how despite the Prime Minister is meant to be the King’s right-hand man or advisor, Misuzulu is said to take his uncle’s lead (King Mswati).

The Princess recalls how her father revealed that he had lost weight and was struggling to eat due to family squabbles.

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“I can just take off my shirt you can see how thin I am because of what Misuzulu is doing to me. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. ‘I had asked that he must go to rehab first before ascending to the throne, but his uncle advised otherwise”, says Phumzile of a recent conversation she had with Buthelezi.

Prior to his death, Buthelezi had repeatedly expressed his discontentment with King Misuzulu’s decisions.

The tipping point in the relationship seemed to have emerged from the appointment of Thanduyise Mzimela as Chairperson of Ingonyama Trust board and well as a meeting with ANC officials prior to the King’s meeting with AmaKhosi regarding the Trust.

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The trust holds and administers over three million hectares of land in KwaZulu-Natal.

The pair were also witnessed as being at odds with each other after Buthelezi released a statement announcing the King is receiving medical treatment in Swaziland- a claim Misuzulu vehemently denies.