But he is a good father’: Bongi Mbonambi and his daughter play on the trampoline

Springboks star Bongi Mbonambi played with his daughter, and some fans said he was a good father. Bongi Mbonambi had been making headlines since the game against England, with a lot being said. Bongi was accused of saying abusive words during the game and it’s a big worry to the Springboks.

The worst thing the Springboks would want is losing Mbonambi for the final against the All Blacks. With that in mind, many fans had been looking at him and his life closely. Some had been browsing his social media, probably trying to understand the kind of man he was.

One fan found his video playing with his daughter on the trampoline, and they loved it.

“But he is a good father after all – what about this racism thing 🥲🥲🥲🥲”

Bongi Mbonambi and his daughter playing. video via Instagram @mr_mbonambi
Sharing on his Instagram, Bongi Mbonambi spoke of how much he wanted to jump.

“Dada also want to jump… 😎🤣” he said jumping onto the castle with his daughter joining him.

Indeed, this video and many others also showed how much he was a family man. Whenever he found time, he would go out with his wife and kids, which looked lovely.

Judging from most of his posts, one would found it challenging to imagine the accusations he was facing.


Bongi Mbonambi and his daughter. video via Instagram @https://www.instagram.com/mr_mbonambi/
Putting aside Bongi Mbonambi’s father and daughter moments on the trampoline, let’s hear what the coaches had to say.

Springbok scrum coach Daan Human spoke of Mbonambi’s case and said what he knew.

“It’s being dealt with by World Rugby and South Africa Rugby at the moment. From our side I really can’t comment on something like that,” said Springboks assistant coach Daan Human.

“He had a perfect training this afternoon, well not perfect but we strive to have a perfect training. I can’t really comment on that.” he continued.

“Bongi has been part of this group for the last six years. He is a very important piece of our puzzle, he is definitely very important to us like all the other players.” he continued speaking to the media.

Daan Human continued speaking about the situation, but the fact that he trained well impressed fans.