Busi Lurayi’s Father Sheds More Light On Her Death

Award-winning actress Busisiwe Mokoena Lurayi was laid to rest following her untimely passing.

Busi Lurayi was laid to rest on Wednesday the 20th of July following her untimely passing, close family and friends shared their last memories before sending her off.


Her father, who was the one who discovered her lifeless body, detailed the state in which he found her body.

Busi had allegedly left work as she was feeling unwell at a later stage, her aunt tried getting hold of her but was unable to reach her on the phone.

Her aunt and father later made their way to her apartment where the father found her body lifeless, he stated that he shook her bosd as he thought she was sleeping, however he did not receive any response.

To the family, this moment was when they realized that Busi was no longer with us.

Busi had a daughter and had built a wonderful name for herself in the entertainment and acting industry, she had recently been nominated for an award.

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Source : https://youtu.be/i9gyYllEKMc