Bulawayo Man Forgives Cheating Wife Five Times

Bulawayo Man Forgives Cheating Wife Five Times

By Postman

A Bulawayo City Council (BCC) representative, Zibusisozenkosi Ndlovu has kept up with warm relations with his consistently duping spouse, Diana Ndlovu whom he breaks doling out her séxual treats to different men.



The two secured the bunch in 2013.

In one occasion, Diana was discovered having intercoursé with one more man in their wedding bed, an improvement that prompted an actual squabble with her better half. Be that as it may, Zie (Zibusisozenkosi) would proceed to excuse her.

A source who addressed a nearby distribution affirmed that Zie busted his significant other in comparative conditions north of five times

“He has gotten her in excess of multiple times yet he pardons her (What is stunning is that he excuses her),” said an entirely dependable source.

A direct relation says Zie’s family is presently stressed that he could be under the lady’s spell

“We unequivocally suspect they cast a spell on him in light of the fact that subsequent to discovering her in the act he would pardon her.

What’s more, he sees nothing amiss with that as he would keep up with that he actually cherishes her.

To exacerbate the situation his better half’s family members generally side with Diana and they distribute all the fault on him,” said Zie’s family member.

This previous end of the week, on Sunday, Zie again settled that Diana was going behind his back with a nearby financial specialist after he effectively took her telephone and went through it to find love messages and express pictures she traded with her sweethearts.

A source uncovered that after this episode, Diana took the vehicle keys, drove off, unloaded the vehicle in the downtown area and crawled under a rock.

Her family members then faulted Zie for the vanishing until he recorded a report for someone who has gone missing at Kumalo Police Station.

Bulawayo acting police representative Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele affirmed the occurrence.

“I can affirm that we got a report of a missing individual named Diana Ndlovu that was made by her significant other Zibusisozenkosi Ndlovu.

By Postman