Buhle Samuels allegedly Married To A Gangster? See why are they asking. See what people comment.

Buhle Samuels keeps their relationship a secret for the most part, which has been very confusing in terms of their relationship status. But now, if reports are to be believed, she seems to be keeping everything a secret because her partner is a gangster.

The former ‘Muvhango’ actress is said to have recently got married. And while she didn’t publicize the event herself, photos and videos have surfaced on social media. Check out some of the photos below.









Her husband was only identified as Thando in photos posted to social media, with no further information on who he is, what he does or where he is from.

But it didn’t take long for more information to emerge that shocked fans. According to entertainment blogger Musa Khawula, Thando is suspected of being a gangster involved in robberies and other similar criminal activities.

It is unclear where the blogger got the information from, but Mzansi’s social networks are convinced that it is true. I mean, Buhle is by all accounts a well-known IT girl and it’s rather against her brand to keep such a big life story moment private.

The news has received a variety of reactions from Buhle’s fans. I mean it was pretty bad that she got married impromptu and fans were already trying to process that news. As one fan said, he just brought his savings up to 1000 rubles to pay Lobola for it, but now it’s off the market and he’s breathing from the wound.

But the added news that her new husband might be a criminal made it even more painful for her. Some of them were hurt because they thought all along that she was the way out of their league, but as it turns out, if she could marry a gangster, maybe they should have fired her way sooner.

Others think it’s definitely the money that drew him to him. She was compared to Lerato Kganyago, whose husband Thami is also suspected of being a criminal, and said these IT girls only cared about money and therefore fell behind criminals.