Bucy Radebe’s Fans Are Disappointed By What Her Husband Did To Rebecca Malope | Call For Apology?

On Sunday morning, we woke up to Mam’ Rebecca’s sad tweet where she was sharing that in her whole entire career she has never felt so disrespected and as a result she is so hurt, but nevertheless she asked South Africans to pray for her heart to be mended.

Plenty assumed that it is because of a joke that was circulating on twitter the previous day as a certain tweep was laughed at for going to Konka looking like Rebecca Malope, it’s safe to say that everyone took the matter lightly as we assumed that that is what she was sad about, well it turns out that we were wrong.







News broke last night that Mam’ Ribs was actually told to “F##k off!” by Bucy Radebe’s husband and manager Thapelo Thoboke, according to those who attended the event, Mam’ Rebecca was invited as one of the guest artist to Bucy’s live event and although the chain of events which took place are not so clear, it seems as though Mam’ Rebecca was mistreated through out the entire event and during a conversation with Bucy’s husband she was told to f##k off.
As soon as the news broke on twitter, fans were so angered and they attacked Bucy for allowing her husband to disrespect Mam’ Rebecca, fans went on to demand that she issues a public apology to the gospel star.

While fans expected Bucy to issue a public apology, she elected to deactivate her twitter account and call it a night without addressing the said allegation, some of her fans tried to come to her rescue by saying that she was on stage performing and as such, she had no idea as to what was happening backstage.