Brother’s Keeper: Mental Health Is Real

This man is not in a good place. The more I look and listen to Kanye the more I am convinced that something is off. Very often we all see the signs but we choose to ignore them. Because of his wealth, we hesitate to respond to his cry for help. Just like Michael Jackson, we are waiting for the worse to happen, first. Many shall say he is “liberated”. Some shall say he is now “more African”, a “genius”. It is all nonsense. Kanye is in a dark, dark place. Money can’t save him. TD Jakes must get hold of this man. Tyler Perry and Denzel Washington must come closer to this guy. The wheels are off!

Mental health is real

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Ntokozo Mandla Mahlangu

It’s called “Attention Economy/Economics”. There is a title going around – Richest Blackman in History… Madman to Genius.

Sindile Dlamini

I heard he has bipolar.

Nicolette Mandelstam

I agree. Even dreamt of him when I offered to help him. In the dream, he just wanted to feel safe and loved. He just wanted a peaceful life.

Mpetu Khosa

The guy just needs a simple thing. His spirit is out of order he needs spiritual healing. The spirit of aggression is ruling over him.

Moftee Fx Scalper

Instead pr, ay for poor and homeless people on the street this guy is a billionaire, he doesn’t even know us.
Lucas Maloma

True he needs help

Andile Mpungose

Nevertheless, he is special.

Jerry MMungo

Don’t worry about Kanye e is playing out the script that generates millions for him. He is in full control of his faculties. Watch the podcasts he participates in.

I do think he is mad I feel like he is being made to seem mad there are a few clips I’ve listened to him talking if we listen very closely he duz speak some truth but that’s my opinion.

In addition H,e has a mental illness which, is imI’mssuming he has two world-class doctors that assist with that. He just lacks a solid family structure n support system way I see it. The industry he is in doesn’t help his situation, makes it worse instead.

If u watch his documentary on Netflix ulallee his mom used to calm him down. ReReassureim, be his safe space. She understood him. I dodon’think he has that backup anymore.