Brenda Fassie’s Son, Bongani Fassie Left Mzansi Talking After He Did This In #FindingBongani Show

Their fans have love their relationship and many viewers have hope that they will work things through and not just for the sake of the kids but to love each other as before. Buhle has already made up about her life and in her life she does not include Bongani. Buhle wants polyandry marriage so that when she disappears and the other woman will be at home taking care of Bongani and her kids.


Buhle says she wants to find herself, she wants to explore who she is. On the other hand Bongani is planning to pay lobola to her but he still does not know where he’s standing with her.

Buhle and Bongani have both sufferd from their parents passing. They need to deal with their trauma instead of the coping mechanism they’re using. They are passing the trauma to their kids and they are bleeding on the innocent souls.

Mzansi were left impressed by Buhle’s aunt when she said Buhle is spoilt and has bad friends. She should stop having these friends of hers because they’re misleading her. Most people love people who mislead them until something bad happens.