Boyfriend of 12 years. Twitter does not like how Musa made the announcement

For Musa Khawula, he has been on top of his game as being someone who is loyal by making announcements about what is happening with South African celebrities or anyone who is famous. But, for the second time, his followers are dissatisfied with how he makes the announcements that will land him in hot water at some point.

Image of Musa Khuwula:

He tweeted “boyfriend of twelve years” and his followers did not like it. It was not necessary from how they have been looking at it and many others have been making predictions about what he will tweet next time. Even though he is now aware continuously, he keeps on making more announcements. Should he stop? It is his option, and if he does not, he should not offend other people.

Surely they like him, and if they are happy as his followers, it should be a red flag that he is doing something wrong with his tweets. But, as it has been around with what he likes to tweet on social media, he has made it there, allegedly, as is the word that would keep him safe. It is the same thing MacG and Solphenduka were talking about on the podcast and chill.

Image JR’s family:



People know what happened with JR’s relationship and he made followers to bring it back, which was also not necessary for them to do it. While others assist Musa Khuwula in doing the right thing and not hurting others, others continue to make it big. Every person has a past.

Not everyone is more open about talking about their past and only a few. People who are happy to discuss their previous lifestyles are MacG and Solphenduka. Those two guys are the ones who do not have a problem with it, as well as their ghost lady on the podcast and chill. It really depends on whom you are talking about and will actually have no problem with it.