Boyfriend allegedly caused Lindiwe Ngema to leave acting, check out why

Celebrity observer Phil Mphela claims that Nomvelo Makhanya, who plays Lindiwe Ngema on the soap opera Scandal!, is leaving the show.

Nomvelo Makhanya, a veteran actor, played the beloved character Lindiwe Ngema for ten seasons on Scandal! According to IHarare, the actress joined the serial series despite never having considered acting because she was more interested in pursuing other sports like hockey and netball.

Her mother supported her decision to study acting at Johannesburg’s National School of the Arts (NSA) in Braamfontein. A classmate of hers in 10th grade at the NSA pushed her to try out for the role, and after she auditioned well, she got the position. She was first presented to viewers as Zinzile Ngema, played by Lingashoni actor Patrick Mofokeng, and Mlungisi Ngema’s daughter (played by eHostela actress Gcina Nkosi).

She married the actor Mathews Rantsoma played, who portrayed Nhlamulo, and the two went on to build a successful business. She gained notoriety in January of this year when, just a year after being married, she and her husband were both caught engaging in extramarital affairs.


Her father, Mlungisi Ngema, had returned to the show after an absence of more than a year when he was tragically killed by his wife’s husband, Nhlamulo. Nomvelo Makhanya’s departure is well-documented. Mzansi was baffled by the news that Nomvelo Makhanya, who plays Lindiwe on Scandal, was seen kissing her on-screen character goodbye. She portrayed Lindiwe Ngema on screen for a decade before deciding to move on. Rapidly becoming the Hollywood A-lister we all love to hate, she has become a popular target of our collective ire.

No doubt, she remained in the spotlight even after her departure was announced. Mzansi has been wondering what led to her leaving the drama series so quickly. The sparkling wine is universally acclaimed.

Her romance reportedly hurt her career, as it was extensively shared on social media. She allegedly broke up with her lover because he found her new plot too intimate. The actress, however, has not yet addressed the validity of the rumors. The circumstances of her leaving, however, have been the subject of gossip ever since her departure became public knowledge.