Boy Takes Little Sister To Prom To Fulfill Her Dying Wish | She Passes Away Just Two Days Later

When the plot was getting good and ready to make us tear up, we were hit with a devastating twist. This girl’s final wish was to go to prom, something she tragically never got to experience. Her brother found this document and graciously offered to give it to her. Two days after a night of fun and excitement, Janea Aguilera was still buzzing from the experience.

But let’s back up and begin at the very beginning. There was a great deal of affection and friendship between Janea and Josh Aguilera, who were siblings. Janea contracted a potentially fatal illness when she was 12 years old. Her malignant cancer of the skeleton, osteosarcoma, was formally identified in 2012. One of Janea’s legs had to be amputated. She was doing well and keeping a positive outlook for the next two years when the disease went into remission. Upon its 2014 return, her cancer had grown more aggressive. She had already lost a leg to amputation, and now she had a deadly condition with no treatment options.


Nonetheless, she resolved to compile a list of her future endeavors before her life ground to a halt. Aspirational list, or “bucket list.” At least one of them had a prom planned. When her brother saw the list, he was getting ready to go to his own prom and he immediately offered to attend with her. ‘Oh my god, are you serious?’ she exclaimed. Josh said, “And then she started crying.” “And naturally, it hit me, and I started bawling.” As may be assumed, further authorization was needed for an eighth student to attend the prom. Thankfully, they encountered no resistance and were allowed to proceed. Both of them arrived at his school that day, bubbling over with joy, and Janea was also named Prom Princess.