Botlhale Boikanyo known as Omphile on Scandal celebrates her 21st birthday. Leaving her speechless.

Time moves fast and slow at the same time. That’s why we always surprised to see people all grown and big. To grown ups it feels like a lifetime while to children it just moves fast. It is beautiful to reach a certain age where you are accomplished and still working on more things.

Botlhale Boikanyo is an actress, poet, brand ambassador and Youtuber. She’s known for winning SA’s got talent years ago and she’s currently starring on Scandal, where plays Omphile. She’s been on our screens for many years now, literally grown in front of us.






She’s amongst the child stars that are living up to their talents. She’s shared beautiful pictures of herself as she celebrates her 21st birthday. It feels yesterday where she was was just a teenager. The best about is that she doesn’t look her age at all. Which explains why we are surprised about her age. We wish her many blessings on the new age.