Bontle’s purple dress caused a stir on social media as people were saying this


Bontle Modiselle is a South African dancer and choreographer. She is also the wife of the South African rapper Priddy who is one of the best rappers in South Africa. She recently attended the Durban July which is one of the biggest events in Durban and is attended by a number of celebrities.




She also posted some of the pictures of herself that she took in this event on social media. In these pictures that she posted she was wearing a purple dress which caused a stir on social media. People on social media were also complimenting this dress that she was wearing as they were saying that it looks very beautiful.

Some people were even saying that this dress that she wore looks good on her. Others were saying that she also looked beautiful in all these pictures.

Here are some of the comments that people on social media made after seeing these pictures.