Bontle Modiselle shared a video singing with her daughter Afrika, but fans saw AKA in her.

South African presenter and actress Bontle Modiselle’s daughter was likened to AKA’s daughter Kairo on TikTok.

Even though Afrika is a few years younger than Kairo Forbes, it seemed the two girls look so much alike.Usually, Afrika is off social media compared to Kairo Forbes, and fans seem to have missed her.

She is beautiful and looks determined to be a star like her mother and father, Priddy Ugly.

After Bontle shared a funny video of singing with her daughter, fans were left speaking a lot.


Some praised her for being a great entertainer at such a young age, but some saw how beautiful she looked.

Despite all the talk, her mother, Bontle, had few words to say but to show her daughter’s skills.

“Mara motho waka bathong 🥹🫶🏾”

AKA Bontle Modiselle daughter
Bontle Modiselle. Image via Instagram @bontle.modiselle
The two girls are all light in complexion, and this may have left some fans convinced that they look alike.

Also, their classy and talents in entertainment are so apart from many kids of their age, which also sets them in their bracket.

However, after watching closely at them, one would argue that Afrika looks more like her mother, Bontle.

On the other hand, most fans think that Kairo looks more like her grandmother Lynn Forbes.

Indeed, all this is subjective, but the reality is that AKA’s daughter and Bontle Modiselle’s daughter are both highly talented.

Undoubtedly, the exposure and training they get from their parents has made them what they are today.