Bonnie Mbuli the sad story of her depression journey, “I Took Meds For 4 Years”

Bonnie Mbuli is a well-known SABC3 presenter. Mbuli has a devoted following around the country, which is why her Afternoon Express program is so popular.

Bonnie Mbuli recently spoke out on Twitter regarding her mental health.


She claimed she had been seeing a therapist and taking medication for four years. Because of Riky, Bobbie became more open. On Wednesday, Rick passed away.

Bonnie told her experience on Twitter on Wednesday, detailing a conversation with her therapist. “Bonnie, regrettably, people in your line of work have a high proclivity for depression, and I’m concerned that the medications will make you feel like you can’t overindulge,” she wrote.

Bonnie claimed that social media both misinforms and helps people with mental illnesses.

“I’ll always be a proponent of treatment and medication; I’ve been on them [medications] for four ears.” It made me feel weak at first, as if I was too broken to face life; nevertheless, over time, it highlighted the fragility of being human, teaching me vulnerability and how to love myself. Do it if you need to.

“I watch people laughing at jokes about folks who have taken or have not taken their medication. The reality is that most people who find amusement in it are ashamed of their own reality – you can put on a brave face on Twitter, but you can’t put on a brave face in front of your worst moments and demons, there’s a reality that only you can face.”