Bonginkosi Dlamini Aka Zola 7 he is on a recovery process.

a renowned “Kwaito “performer, actor, and television host who is well-known and adored for his skills and charitable heart.” Bongikosi Dlamini Aka Zola “7 has impacted the lives of many people, he is not just an singer but a Good Samaritan too.


The musician, who has been facing a significant medical issue, has had a difficult few years, but he is finally getting back on his feet. “Zola” was going through some life challenges few months ago but with the help of others he is in his recovery process.






Here is everything you need to know about “Zola 7’s “illness, his financial difficulties as a result, his plea for assistance, and his remarkable recovery. Don’t we all enjoy a good comeback tale? Most people wish he gets well so he can get back on making music that heal and motivate people.

Information on the sickness that “Zola 7 “is suffering from has been released yet but is said that his condition is getting better and better everyday.