Bongani Fassie’s Girlfriend Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media After She Did This To Her Daughter

Bongani Fassie’s Girlfriend Left Mzansi Talking In Social Media After She Did This To Her Daughter

Source: Hashtag #FindingBonganiFassie Twitter page and Dstv MojaLoveTv channel 157 latest episode.

Mzansi Is Not Happy With the behavior of Buhle who is the girlfriend of Bongani Fassie. Mzansi has been reacting to Buhle after she neglected her 14 years old child.




In the last episode of #FindingBonganiFassie we have see Buhle’s aunt saying that Buhle have a child which she left behind which is a child that she had before she met Bongani. In this episode we finally get to known more about her child and the reason why she has a beef with her aunt whiles she is the one looking after her child.

Viewers of #FindingBonganiFassie have reacted to Buhle after shebglected her daughter but still blaming her aunt for the pregnancy of her daughter. Buhle has been saying how come her daughter get pregnant while she’s staying with her aunty. Buhle is saying it’s her aunt’s fault that the child fell pregnant.

Viewrs has been saying that Buhle is living her best life, she is speaking fancy English and changing wigs while does not have a place to stay. Her Aunty has been saying that the child does not have stable home because Buhle is fighting with everyone in the family.

Her daughter Asanda that she wish to stay with her mother like her other kids. She said that she feels like her life would have been easy if she did no abandoned her at fist place. Buhle is disappointed because she got her first child at a very young age and her daughter did the same mistakes.

Viewers has been saying that her relationship with Bongani is very toxic. And and followers has been saying that Bongai should leave Buhle because she not serious about him. Apparently Buhle has not mentioned Bongani in her future plans. She is 32 years old and she’s still peaking about living her life. She said that she still want to go to to clubbing and partying.

Buhle said that she cannot stay alone has, sje said that she is not someone who will stay without seeing anyone. She made her confession that during the time when Bongani was in rehab she was seeing someone but it was not serious. Buhle have also said that She want Bongani to talk another wife because she still to go out and explore herself.