Boity’s ex boyfriend Khaya Dlanga, trolls her for not being married leaving fans in stitches.

Maturity doesn’t only come with age. Life alone can make you be matured. It takes a bigger person to be friends with an ex or someone who hurt them. Many people choose to hold grudges and not get along with people. What we fail to understand is that when we forgive people, we are actually freeing ourselves.





Boity has been in the industry for many years. Which is why she was able build a big brand for herself. She’s a huge household name. She’s a rapper, television presenter, actress and many more. With all these, she has also had public relationships.

One of her exes famous author shared pictures of them before and now. He had been mocked for having exes that are married. In his caption he trolls Boity for being one of the exes that are not married. The post left their fans in stitches. The fact that they went out together means that there’s no bad blood between them.