Boity Thulo left mzansi in after revealing the price’s of her mini bag and slingback pump

Boitumelo Thulo, popularly known as Boity, is a South African television personality, rapper, actress, businesswoman and model. In 2019, Thulo was named as one of Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 for her contribution in the music and entertainment sector.

Boity has got just purchased a (Mini lady Dior bag) at a price of R76 000 and also (Slipback pumps) at a price range of R15 400.

This has caused a frenzy on the social medias after most of people in mzansi saw the prices of what she is wearing.



“With that money rather she purched a new music career because her original one is dead.” Says Mzansi people.

Mzansi people are saying this because we all know that they are always rude , and the like to be given attention or they could be saying this because the are jealousy.


Boity thulo she could be buying this expensive things because she has got lots of money and some of it she doesn’t know what to use it for that’s why she is spending it this way.

Look what mzansi people said about this: