Boity Thulo left fans with recent look .





She is selfless individual who doesn’t let her ego of being a star take hold of her unlike other stars who feel they are too good to be in the same league with ordinary beings .

Boity Thulo is an inspirational woman who is a jack of many trades and impressively exceptional at all of them .

Boity is a hustler who knows to utilize opportunities and platforms in the entertainment industry and her level of constistency in her delivery is simply breathtaking.

She is an actress , rapper , model , brand ambassador and business woman who happens to be very successful.

Another special ability she has is an eye for dazzling fashion , her outfits are eccentric yet unique and pretty.

Her Instagram game is on point for she posts amazing memorabilia that simply inspire us to aspire.

In a recent Instagram post she left fans speechless looking adorably eloquent in a short dress celebrating a friend’s birthday.

Mzansi was really absorbed by the post for she is stunningly gorgeous. (Pics below)