Boity Thulo leaves her fans wowd with last post.

There’s just something about finding yourself and being happy on your own. It brings a kind of glow that differs from everything. This is because happiness comes from within and only we can make ourselves happy before outsiders can. It is beautiful to see a person genuinely happy.





A new age that finds you content in life is everything. Businesswoman Boity Thulo has been in the industry for decades now. She owns multiple businesses on top of her music career and other titles. Her cider, BT seems to be doing good as it even takes her to places.

She recently celebrated her 33rd birthday, she went to Victoria Falls and activated her adrenalin at the devil’s pool. She’s has gone blonde and we it for her. She’s proving that indeed blondes have more fun as she’s been on a roll. Her recent pictures in a body hugging maxi dress, left her fans’ jaws on the floor. The white dress and her weave, plus her skin are perfection.