Boity Thulo And Anton Jeftha Keep Serving Us With Major Relationship Goals.

Love is beautiful, love is unconditional and love is free! In life, there is a belief that everyone is destined to be with a special someone. We all need love and sometimes we meet the wrong people, thinking it’s love when it’s not.

But when a couple finds true love, you don’t have to ask because their faces can show you just how deeply their affection for each other is. In this article we look at amazing pictures of media personality and rapper, Boity Thulo and her lover who is an actor, Anton Jeftha. The pair have been serving us with major relationship goals since the beginning of this year.









This beautiful couple was very secretive about their relationship in the beginning, possibly because they were still testing waters. But now the secret is out and the couple is openly affectionate towards each other. Boity introduced Jeftha to his family in December and clearly, things are getting more and more serious between the pair.

Fans of Boity Thulo have been waiting for this moment to see Boity happily in love and we hope to see wedding bells and babies in the future. And it just shows how important it is to never give up on love, although Boity has struggled in the past to find love….the universe has delivered a man definitely worth waiting for. Jeftha is not your typical celebrity, he really took his time to get to know Boity well enough and now they are enjoying each other.

We are very happy for the pair and clearly, they are very happy too, judging by their pictures on social media. We hope their love journey will continue to serve us with relationship goals and maybe in the future…a dream wedding!