Boity gets dragged over her outfit that she took pictures from Paris with it. Check the comments

Boity Thulo goes through trolls from social media about her outfit she wore and taking pictures from Europe. The very same outfit was worn by the woman who was married to Sifiso Ncwane. While she is enjoying her time in Europe with her partner and taking pictures, she gets bashed more on Twitter than on any other social media platform.


She was also compared to another rapper, Cardi B. All the dragging is happening with pictures from Paris, France. Simeon James wants to know what it is special about the city. It was to add more bashing comments directed at her. It is very hard to be happy with pictures shared on social media, which other people think are about bragging.

Even though they are dragging, they continue to share about their way of lifestyle. It would not be nice to return and demand that people stop making negative comments about you while you are unable to share photos from all over the world. People will not know about your whereabouts and that won’t lead to dragging moments. You can’t really tell them to stop making bad comments.



She has been having a good time traveling around the world with her partner. Their way of life has also been included in their timeline. Even though you are not following Boity but with Musa, you will know about many people’s lifestyles because he has made it his daily engagement on social media.


She is a rapper, but then, since she seems to be traveling around the world, it does not look like she is into music as before. It must really be nice to have a partner who is financially strong, and now she sees no reason to go to the studio to make more music and attend gigs for performances. But then it is not safe as you can leave your work to depend on someone.