Boity and her boyfriend Anton Jeftha explore the city of love, Paris together.

There’s just something about a couple that genuinely loves each other. We know that there’s no perfect relationship but if as a couple, you are willing to meet each other half way then that’s a win. We all aspire to travel the world with our partners.

Boity is a rapper, television presenter and businesswoman. She has a hair range, perfume and cider to her name. Every year she makes sure to level up. She’s currently dating actor and model Anton Jeftha. These are a match made in heaven. They suit each other beautifully.






They are smitten with each other so much that they spend most of their time together. They are currently enjoying themselves in Paris, which is famously known for being the city of love. As always they shared pictures separately. Their flight outfits looked the same though. We are smitten with these two. We can’t wait to see more their pictures.