Boity and Ayanda Ncwane wore the same outfit who looks better?

Boitumelo Thulo is a television personality, rapper, actress, businesswoman, and model from South Africa. She was born on April 28, 1990, although her stage name, Boity, is more often used. In 2019, Thulo was named as one of Forbes Africa’s 30 Under 30 for her contributions to the music and entertainment industry. In 2019, she was presented with this accolade.

Ayanda Ncwane, the company’s Managing Director, is in charge of Ncwane Communications. Ayanda was born and reared in the South African community of Ndwedwe Mission. She is also the widow of the deceased gospel artist S’fiso Ncwane, who was renowned and well-known. Ayanda was raised by her grandmother, whom she thought to be her mother, throughout her youth.




Ayanda Ncwane and Boity Thulo are two of the most talented individuals in the fashion industry; they never cease to surprise. However, people will never cease comparing them, despite the fact that they are not identical. Boity is considerably more youthful than Ayanda Ncwane. Some individuals may like the way Ayanda dresses over the way Boity wears her outfits. It is possible that the two ladies enjoy wearing the same kind of clothing, but they may do so in different ways.

On social media, numerous users commented on a photo of Boity and Ayanda wearing the same outfit while debating who wore it more effectively.

This creates a difficulty, as some of us are lovers of Ayanda Ncwane while others are fans of Boity; nevertheless, based on this image, both women appear to be attractive. On the other side, there are people who cast judgment on the basis of their favorite individual.

People were perplexed because they began to refer to Boity as Minnie Dlamini, despite the fact that we are aware of the similarity between the two women. However, we were still able to establish the winner, which implies that people preferred Boity because she is attractive. The most obvious explanation for their statement is that Ayanda preferred to keep her look simple by not adding any accessories to her attire. In contrast, Boity gave the costume a bit of a kick by adding a belt and tugging her shirt to reveal her physique. Possibly the bag contributed to this metamorphosis.

People loved the manner in which Boity wore the garment more than the manner in which Ayanda’s Ncwane was attired, yet Boity was awarded first place nevertheless. However, others also liked Ayanda Ncwane’s attire.