Bobby Could be Forced to Pay a JHB Company Around R10 Million

Bobby Motaung’s financial problems seems to be growing instead of slowing down. He is now involved in another scandal.

One could also question his head space right now. However one could also say maybe it is good thing that he not a CFO at Chiefs.

GRC Property investment is gunning for Bobby Motaung. The company in question is pleading with Johannesburg high Court. GRC Property wants to set aside a liquidation order against Motaung’s company called Lakeshore trading 224. The company is set to be owning a shopping comlex in Ormonde south of Johannesburg.




Bobby is likely to be to pay around R10 million to GRC because of “his” soon to be liquidated company. The liquidators are having trouble realising the sale agreement.

According to a source GRC Property investment director Ahmed Talai Nazir, they bought the shopping mall back in 2016. They were not aware that it will be place on liquidation in the future by another firm called Pent Up.

Motaung owes Pent Up company around R2.5 million

Motaung’s company was placed under liquidation back in 2017 after Nazir failed to get the money from Chiefs boss.

Nazir said they bought the shopping complex for around a staggering amount of R9.5 million before the company was liquidated. However he is concerned as the shopping complex is not yet under his company.